U Visa (Crime Victims)

  • Numerous USCIS approvals for Domestic Violence, Felonious Assault, Sexual Assault, Child Sexual Abuse
  • Maricopa County, Arizona Smuggling-Related Kidnapping Victim: Obtained I-918B Certification from Sentencing Judge  
  • Former Gang Member Felonious Assault Victim: I-192 Waiver Approval after numerous denials under other counsel. 
  • Maryland Stalking Victim: Obtained I-918B Certification based on elements of stalking.

General Immigration

  • Adjustment: Approval for Client with Dementia, with Multiple Prior Denials
  • Naturalization: Approval for Sudanese Refugee with Inconsistent Information on Refugee and Naturalization Application


  • Recent asylum grant for nuclear family PSG in Baltimore Immigration Court.
  • Guatemalan Former Gang Member PSG: Negotiated Pre-Trial Withholding of Removal
  • Cameroonian Political Opinion Credibility-Related Referral from USCIS: Trial win for Asylum
  • Honduran Domestic Violence PSG: Trial win for Asylum
  • Honduran Gang-Related PSG: Negotiated Administrative Closure

T Visa (Human Trafficking)

  •  Cameroonian Labor Trafficking Approval for Client with Disability

* Each case is different and that the past record is no assurance of success in reaching a favorable result in any future case